Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Being "Kupu" Student is Just Right

Hello, blogger, we meet again this morning. I just want to say that I am such a bad blogger that I am very reluctant to update my blog whereas I got so many ideas in my mind but my mood didn't want me to write those in here. 

What I want to say is about joining a student committee or a student organization in university. In the beginning semester, I was very optimized that I could handle so many bustles if I joined some student committees and an organization. Then, here I am in the 3rd semester of my life in my university and I just come back to who I originally am. I become an not active student again because I just find some disadvantages of joining such things.

Punctuality, this is the main reason I stop joining such things. This is very related to one of main purpose of joining such things, time management. I know this and what I get from this is that we learn to plan how long each of our activities would last. However, I am in Indonesia where late is very tolerable because people can give so many alibis to support why they come late. Moreover, there are sometimes no punishments or even light penalties to it. For the case, here is a real example. There is a committee meeting today and I must attend at 3.00 pm at Hall D (one of my faculty buildings). I have arrived there at 2.45 pm so I have to wait them coming for about 30 minutes (there is 15 minutes late tolerance). It's still okay for me. Then, when it's 3.15 pm, there still very few members coming and the chief doesn't want to start the meeting because all members have not attended. This is very horrible and the time management concept becomes a bullshit. I have planned the meeting will last for about 2 hours if it's started punctually. What if not? My plan is ruined. Some of you will think that this is selfish but I don't think so. What if there is someone else who is the same with me? The committee is important, but ourselves are also important. 

I want to say some things about late. If I can't attend punctually, I will come late definitely. However, I always tell to my coordinator (if I become a staff) or my chief or leader (if I become a coordinator) that I am going to come late. So, the point is we also have to predict our spending time. I always predict what time I am gonna arrive if I go at this time, including the traffic jam. We should always watch our usual speed and max speed when we go by motorcycle or car so that we can predict our spending time. As well, we have to learn the road culture, that if the road is still good or there are some holes, those also can influence our journey to our destination and influence the time we spend too.

I am not a perfect guy and I often procrastinate (waste so much time). However, I always concern about this thing that makes me so confused and so horrible sometimes. Thanks!

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