Wednesday, February 25, 2015

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Able To Speak English

The language in this blog is English but I am not English native speaker. Actually, I am from Indonesia and my country language is Indonesian. However, my Indonesian is still quite not good because there is more many things that should be learned to be able to speak Indonesian well. 

Today, I would like to share my not-so-good opinions about why we should be able to speak English.

1. English can help you doing assignments or research
Nowadays, both school and college students often go to internet or buy imported books to look for reliable answers for their assignments or researches. The materials that they want are often written in English. In order to finish their works, they need to understand the materials that they have got well. Also, in my country, there are some international programs or majors. In this programs or majors, in order to graduate, they must make thesis that should be all written in English. If not, you know what is going to happen, don't you?

2. English can help you in the job interviews

Actually, this is only based on the job interviews in my country. This is very related to globalization. Nowadays, most of companies always want to expand their businesses to other place even other countries. Therefore, they need human resources that are capable of speaking English. So, in the job interview, they often interview the applicants with English. You do not want to give up your dream job just because of language, do you?

3. English can help you find and have pen pals

Pen pals are people that you befriend that are from other countries. Usually, you get to know them only through internet or mail. By having pen pals, we can widen our point of view of this world. You can get know their countries, their cultures, their education, etc. Therefore, you should ask them with mutual understandable language, in this matter is English. Then, you can keep in touch with them and even you can meet up in your country or their countries. Life is awesome, right?

4. English can help you when you are travelling to other countries

No doubt for this. When you are travelling to other countries, you really don't want to mess up your travelling by not be able to communicate with their citizens, do you? English is very helpful even you travel to countries that its main language is not English (like my country, Thailand, Japan, South Korea, France, etc). You can avoid any embarrassment that might happen, you can explain to authorities what you were doing when you get caught, and so on.

5. English can help you help tourists when they ask you for help
I think this has quite big impact not only for yourselves, but also for your countries. If tourists can get any helps from citizens, they will feel comfortable and think that the country they are visiting is hospitable. Then, they will spread this good news to their friends or other people and eventually more tourists will come to your country. This also helps your country to be more well-known.

6. English can "upgrade" yourselves
By being able to speak English fluently actually can make yourself feel improved. You will feel that you have excellence among others. And this thing can ease your life in almost every aspect beside things above mentioned.

Then, where can we learn English?

Well, nowadays, learning process is quite easier because most of us can access internet. You can learn English through:
  • Internet, for example Memrise;
  • Join English course;
  • Buy grammar books;
  • Watching foreign movies or TV series with English subtitle;
  • Talking to yourselves with English;
  • Join English forum, and so on.
So, that's all my opinions about how important English is. If you have other opinions, please let me know by commenting. Thanks!




  1. Those six reasons are clearly TRUE! (y)

    One suggestion from me: don't be afraid to apply if your college provides any English-based class. Trust me, it works. :D

    Here is my experience.

    Started from my first semester in the college, I have been attending a bilingual class which is specially formed to increase students' skill in speaking English. In this class, we're doing the learning-instruction process in English, includes English-typed books, presentations, and discussions. By joining this class, I used to speak in English and it's such a great progress for me. Now I never have any doubts to apply for any international youth conferences---although I haven't succeed yet, at least until now. Lol. :D

    1. My college does but it has a little bit lower quality than the regular has. So, I decide not to apply to it.

      Wow. That was very good. Is it class or a program? And your English is very good and not boring as mine. I really like English but I still have pretty bad diction and vocabulary. You seem to have nice diction.
      And I am still afraid to apply into those kind of programs because my spoken English ability sucks, moreover I have very low confidence.

      Good English, mbak! Perhaps you can teach me some things advanced about English haha! (y)

    2. Wah, thanks a lot. :)

      Itu semacam kelas khusus. Kayak kuliah matematika biasa, cuman bahasa pengantarnya pake bahasa Inggris dan buku-bukunya pake buku versi asli yang kebanyakan terbitan U.S., jadi nggak pake buku-buku yang udah diterjemahkan ke bahasa Indonesia, gitu.

      Bahasa Inggrismu bagus kok. Nggak boring. Semangat! (y)


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