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Song Review: Rapture Ruckus feat Shuree - In This Together

Hello, bloggers. How's your day? I hope yours are pretty good so far. It's been so busy with studying and doing assignments (though I haven't finished those yet hehe). In this short free time I have, I would like to make a song review. This is my first review post. 

Have you ever heard Rapture Ruckus? I bet you haven't. I am not surprised because this band is indeed not famous. This band is a Christian Hip Hop/Rock Band from New Zealand. Because they are Christian, I think it's not astonishing that they are not famous in this country. Hehe. They have released 4 albums and 12 singles and one of them has caught my ear to listen to. Here it is:

Rapture Ruckus feat Shuree - In This Together Lyrics

You are my brother
You are my sister
Made by the same God
Loved by the same heart
We've got to lift up
We've got to give love
Oh that's how the world will know us

I'll be the hand that you can hold
When you can't make it on your own
I promise you are not alone
We're in this together
I'll be your shelter from the rain
Lift up your head don't be afraid
Oh there is nothing we can't face
We're in this together
We're in this together
We're in this together
We're in this together

And when you're filled with doubt
Your walls come crashing down
I'll be there by your side
Together walking through this fire
We've got to lift up
We've got to give love
Oh that's how the world will know us

When I'm falling and I can't breathe
The light is fading
In my darkest hour You're here
And I remember what You said

We're in this together
We're in this together
We're in this together
We're in this together

I knew this song from Sam and Nia Vlogs. A little introduction, they are family from USA who make s daily vlogs about their daily activities. I really love watching them and I don't know why. They use this song as their videos intro and outro. Now, let's be more open-minded and not concern about this band genre. This song is very awesome. I bet you might think this is very melancholic song from hip hop/rock band according to the lyric. However, you are wrong. This song is very encouraging and full of spirit. It even does not make you more depressed or confused. 

The music itself is so vivacious. Despite this band is rock genre, I can enjoy the music so well. For your information, I kind of do not like rock songs because they tend to be loud and too fast. It annoys me. However, this band and especially this song is different. This song is very suitable for activities that requires you a lot of energy. It can pump up your energy and you become more positive. For instance, when you are doing gym, you can set this song into your playlist. Or, when you are jogging, you also can listen to this song while you jog. 

Here it comes the lyric part. Regardless of this band's genre, the lyric is very universal. The lyric is very amazing, even it's more amazing than the music. The lyric contains very positive and encouraging words. It tells us to not feel lonely and think that we always have someone who will understand everything about you (although it's very theoretical because I haven't found someone like that LOL). However, from different point of view, this song tells to always help our friends that feel lonely, depressed, and such things. This song reminds us that we should always help each other. We do not live alone and are told not to be selfish (although I am so selfish especially in terms of academic things). Moreover, we can imply universally that this song tells us to always remember God. He exists. His existence shows through others, it can be our friends, our parents, or anyone. As well, we should always remember God in every situation we are encountering.

To conclude, from my deepest humble opinion, this song is not religious. It is very universal that everyone can listen to this song because it brings you positivity and encouragement. If you have different opinion about this song or you want to criticize or give some advice to this review, please comment. It really helps me a lot. Thanks for reading and God bless! :)

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