Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Time Management is Nonsense?

Hello, bloggers. I decide to make this blog as a place for me to vent but not too harsh. The reason is because I want to make this blog keep alive while I run out of any good ideas. Actually, I vent a lot because I can't develop other self-defense mechanism. 

Anyway, let's get into the topic. I'd like to talk about time management. I will write based on my country's college culture. 

As a college or university student, this term is very familiar. I first heard this term when I was in orientation days at my first university (I quit from that university and now I go to my current university). This term is very related to academic and social life of us. My seniors always emphasized us, juniors, that we must be able to do this thing. In my opinion, I really agree on that.

Let's talk about the theory first (these all will be based on merely my opinion). Time management is the art (because it's management so I refer to one of the word I learned about management LOL) of make use of our time such that all of the things we have can be done in a day. 

We are required to be able to make schedule of all the things or responsibilities we have to do. After that, we must make priorities and decide which thing has the highest priority. Then, we do that thing. We should watch the time we need and we have spent. If your time needed for doing that thing is over, you should stop and do the next thing on your schedule. And so on until you have nothing remaining to do.

We can't know the future

When we make a schedule, we estimate that no other things will happen during the time something happening in your schedule. However, you are not God who can control time and know the future. As a result, we sometimes or often are surprised that something suddenly is happening in the middle of our schedule. We can't help but face it and it will ruin your schedule. If you can't finished doing a thing based on schedule, you will as not be able to do the next thing based on schedule. 

We are different from other people

What if you have made schedule perfectly, you have done the thing properly, but other people seem not to know about time management? That is horrible and sometimes frustrating. I usually face this kind of problem in organization. For example
There is a meeting today and we have made schedule for it. Let's say the meeting starts at 19.00. We have arrived on time or even earlier. However, there are many members, even the chief him/herself come late for about one hour and more. Whether we want it or not, as a good member, we have to wait for them so that the meeting can start. The meeting starts at 20.15. On your schedule, we are supposed to leave for home at 21.00 (we have asked the chief about this). However, because there were some member who came late, the meeting can't be finished based on our schedule. Again, whether we want it or not, we have to wait for it and keep joining the meeting until it's finished.
Do you understand? That is very terrible. That becomes like habit among us in Indonesia. If thing ends up like above, our schedule will be ruined. Me, I will be very frustrated and even I can worry so much about my ruined schedule.  

Focus on the time or the result?

This also becomes a dilemma. If we concern about our schedule, we should prioritize the time. Yet, if we concern about the result, we should prioritize the result. Usually, when we concern about the schedule and focus on the time, we can't do the things as perfect as possible. We will work those things perfunctorily. For easy going person, this may not be a big problem. 

What if we focus on the result? We probably can get the things as perfect as we want. We probably will get a very good score of it and we probably will feel very satisfied due to our effort. Nevertheless, we may ruin our own schedule because doing things perfectly needs a lot of time. This thing usually happens on OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder), like me. 

We haven't known ourselves well

This means that we should know our capabilities. We should know what we can do and what we can't do. Then, we look at our schedule and think, "Can I do those thing?" This is related to what if we focus the result. It's not only focusing the result that will spend more time. When we know that we can't do certain things in our schedule but instead we keep going on, we will spend more time to finish it. 

Moreover, will the result be as good as we expect? I don't think so because we know that we can't do that. Sometimes, this can get more horrible if we keep going on. 

The fact that I write above is based on merely my experience. Now, I am still struggling to find the best way to manage my time, especially if it deals with other people that always like to not respect the time. I hope this is interesting to read and I apologize if my English is still horrible. Thanks for reading and God bless you!


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  1. Kok keren yun? Wkwk
    By the way, are you sure you have OCD? Because in OCD, there're 2 aspects you should be in which are compulsive (you have to do something that you can't help but to do) and obsessive (kind of perfectionist).

    1. Oh, makasih, saya memang keren kok haha. :p.
      I think so. I am kind of perfectionist and I indeed want to do something that you can't help but to do. I mean, the latter one, I always feel that there is pressure given by my society that if I don't do it, I will fail someday. It always disturb my heart. Get it? :/

  2. wah gila ini bikin sendiri ? pinter kali ya bahasa inggrisnya ini. aku aja yang dari Pare nggak begitu bisa bahasa inggris hehehe

    1. Heheh iya. Makasih, bro, tapi ane masih belum jago. Perbendaharaan vocabnya masih sedikit dan kalau ngomong juga masih ngaco kadang2. Pare itu di mana ya bro? Pare-Pare bukan? :O


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